Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hot and Dry August

Everyone knows August has been hot and dry so far. We've already broken several record highs this month. We hit highs of 104 twice at RDU, which is only one degree from the all time record high of 105 in the Triangle. If this hot and dry pattern doesn't change soon, we may set another record -- the hottest and driest August.

First, we'll take a look at rainfall. As I write this post on August 19, only 0.26" of rain has fallen this month at RDU. Here's a look at the 5 driest Augusts on record to this point --
  1. August 1950 -- 0.81"
  2. August 1997 -- 1.01"
  3. August 1984 -- 1.13"
  4. August 1956 -- 1.31"
  5. August 1976 -- 1.52"

When it comes to the heat, the National Weather Service office in Raleigh says we can easily set the record for the hottest August even if temperatures return to near normal levels for the rest of the month. As of Saturday, the average monthly temperature at RDU this month was 84.2. Compare that to the average monthly temperatures from the 5 warmest Augusts on record at RDU --

  1. August 1995 -- 80.6
  2. August 2006 -- 80.5
  3. August 1988 -- 80.3
  4. August 2005 -- 80.2
  5. August 1999 -- 80.0

It does appear the hot and dry conditions will continue for the next few days. Stay tuned to Weather on the Ones for the very latest on your forecast.

Thanks to the National Weather Service in Raleigh who provided the above climate data in some of their recent forecast discussions.

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