Friday, September 15, 2006

A Great Weekend!

Wednesday and Thursday brought dreary conditions across much of North Carolina. For rain totals from around the region from these days, click to

Luckily, those dreary conditions broke just in time for the weekend. Today was a beautiful weather day, and we look for pleasant weather through the weekend. We will likely see a few more clouds Saturday, but that shouldn't hamper your outdoor plans. Our next chance for rain will come Tuesday as a front moves toward North Carolina.

There's not too much to be concerned about this weekend in the tropics either. We are watching two storms --

Hurricane Gordon:

Tropical Storm Helene:

Gordon will move to the northeast and will likely weaken into a tropical storm over the next couple of days. On the other hand, Helene should become a hurricane this weekend but will not threaten land over the next several days. It appears that Helene may take a turn keeping the storm harmlessly out to sea next week. However, until that turn is made, we will need to closely watch this one. As always, you can easily find out what's happening in the tropics this weekend by tuning into our tropical update at :21 after the hour on News 14 Carolina.

Fortunately, this hurricane season has been much quieter than the last two. Of course, the season isn't over until the end of November, but so far, this year has not met the initial forecasts of an active season. Why is this? There is now speculation that El Nino conditions are developing. During an El Nino year, we typically see fewer hurricanes and tropical storms. You can read more about this by clicking to

Enjoy your weekend!

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