Thursday, September 14, 2006

More from the Tropics

Still watching a couple of systems in the tropics.... Neither pose an immediate threat to land.

In fact, while Hurricane Gordon has become the first major hurricane of the season, it appears that it will not impact any land masses.
Major hurricanes are defined as hurricanes that are classified as category 3 or higher. As of Thursday afternoon, Gordon is a category 3 storm with winds around 120mph. The hurricane is moving to the north-northeast toward cooler ocean waters. Look for gradual weakening over the next couple of days.

Farther out in the Atlantic, tropical depression #8 became Tropical Storm Helene late Wednesday night.

Helene is now moving to the west, but we look for a more northwesterly turn over the next day or two. The National Hurricane Center forecasts Helene to become a hurricane this weekend. It does appear Helene may be another "fish storm", that is a storm that does not affect land. However, it is still too early to say that with 100% certainty.
We'll keep you posted with our tropical updates at :21 after the hour on News 14 Carolina. You can also check out the National Hurricane Center online at

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