Saturday, September 02, 2006

More Ernesto Stats

Most of central North Carolina missed the heaviest rains from Ernesto. Others areas weren't so lucky. Here's an updated look at Ernesto rainfall totals --

  • Virginia Beach, VA: 10.43"
  • Leonardtown, MD: 10.08"
  • Norfolk, VA: 10.00"
  • Grifton, NC: 9.85"
  • Wilmington, NC: 9.58"

Click here for a look at central North Carolina rainfall from Ernesto.

Click here for a look at central North Carolina wind gusts from Ernesto.

Ernesto continues to move to the north this Saturday evening headed for the Great Lakes and portions of Canada. Our weather was simply beautiful today. I can't imagine any better weather for tailgating and catching the first college football games of the season!

Now that Ernesto is gone, is there anything else to be concerned about in the tropics?

We're watching a couple of tropical waves coming off the coast of Africa. There is potential for slow tropical development in this region over the next couple of days. We'll have tropical updates at :21 after the hour through the Labor Day weekend on News 14 Carolina, so stay tuned!

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