Monday, October 23, 2006

Brighter, but Cooler...

Our local weather has changed significantly the last 24 hours. The up's and down's of Autumn are in full swing in North Carolina. In fact, yesterday and today are a perfect example of the changing seasons.

High temperatures throughout the area were held in-check to the upper 50's to near 60 on Sunday. The clouds and rain put a lid on allowing the thermometer to move upward. Now, if we'd had full sunshine, afternoon readings would have been at least ten degrees warmer!

While Sunday's airmass was relatively warm and moist- Monday's airmass is much cooler and drier. More a reminder that winter is on the way as a sunny sky has allowed for a beautiful day, but once you make your way outside it feels much different. Afternoon Monday has regional temperatures ranging from the mid to upper 50's. That's with more sunshine! Now, expect tonight and tomorrow night to be pretty chilly as widespread lower 30's will be common to Central and Eastern North Carolina.

On a side note, I wanted to mention a trip this past weekend to Atlanta for a close friends wedding. I drove this time around instead of taking to the air and found the fall colors shaping up not only in North Carolina, but all the way down to North Georgia! Beautiful reds, oranges, and golds are slowly reaching their peak in many spots along I-85. Sometimes it takes a nice long drive to make you appreciate the season. Seeing the color change certainly made the drive different, but somewhat splendid.

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