Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fall Weather

Fall often brings changing weather to central North Carolina. We all know this fall is no different. This past Wednesday and Thursday temperatures reached the mid 80s. Today's temperatures in the Triangle struggled to reach 60.

There are more ups and downs to come over the next week. While the cool weather will continue for the rest of the weekend, look for a warm up early next week. Afternoon temperatures could be back to near 80 by Tuesday. Then a cold front will bring another big change by late week.

Of course there is more to fall in North Carolina than the changing weather. This is the time of the year for changing colors in our trees. The mountains of western North Carolina are always a popular destination in October to see these colors, and some of the fall colors are already being seen in the higher elevations of our mountains.

Here's a photo taken this week at Grandfather Mountain...

If you're planning a trip to see the fall colors, you may find these links helpful:
If you're traveling around the state and catch some of the vivid fall colors on your digital camera, we'd like to see them! We may even share a few here in our weather blog. Send us an e-mail anytime to

And speaking of fall events, it's almost time for the....

The State Fair starts Friday! When you visit the fair this year, be sure to stop by the Time Warner Cable tent. You may just run into someone you know from News 14 Carolina.

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