Friday, October 06, 2006

Weather and a Chemical Fire

Earlier in the week, it appeared Friday would be somewhat of a quiet day in the Weather on the Ones Forecast Center. We would watch showers move through the area along with falling temperatures. However, explosions and a chemical fire at a facility in Apex changed that.

Through the early morning hours, our main focus attention became wind direction and speed along with the rain moving into the area. Would the rain help put out the fire or could it combine with the chemicals to create even more problems?

Through the day, we have been in close contact with the North Carolina Division of Air Quality and other emergency management officials. Air quality experts tell us that the rain seems to have helped in the situation. The rain diluted any chemicals that may have been emitted into the atmosphere. It also "washed away" particulate matter that could have been released by the explosions and fire.

Our news team continues to follow the latest developments from Apex. Stay with News 14 Carolina for the latest updates.

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