Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tornadoes in November

This week we had a clear reminder -- severe weather can happen any time of the year. Although we typically have more severe weather in the spring, there is really no "tornado season" like we have a "hurricane season."

In fact, some of the worst tornadoes in our state's recent history have occurred during the month of November.

If you lived in Raleigh in 1988, you'll remember the above event. An F4 tornado developed over Wake County the Sunday night/Monday morning after Thanksgiving. The tornado stayed on the ground for 84 miles traveling from north Raleigh to near the Virginia border. Four people were killed and 157 were injured. A K-Mart located off of Glenwood Avenue was just one of 78 businesses destroyed. 425 homes were destroyed. Over 2000 homes sustained some type of damage.

Another deadly tornado outbreak occurred in 1992. From the night of November 22 through the early morning of November 23, five tornadoes killed two people and injured 74 in North Carolina. During the 1992 outbreak, an F3 touched down near the I-40/85 split in Orange County and moved toward Hillsborough. Another F3 touched down near the Harnett/Johnston County line and moved northeast for 160 miles. That is the longest track tornado on record for North Carolina.

Unfortunately, we now have to add 2006 to the list of deadly November tornadoes in North Carolina.

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