Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting for More Sunshine?

This Election Day has been a total washout region wide as heavy rain is making for a dreary afternoon. A large upper level system is driving moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic over North Carolina. Moisture in the form of clouds and rain will continue into tonight as rain totals exceed an inch in some spots.

Our parent website News14.com has an interesting story about weather and elections. It seems some believe overall turnout could reach low levels not seen since the 1920's in North Carolina! Also, if you're in the mood to cast a vote we've got a News 14 SnapPoll on the right hand column of the same page asking, "Which party will control Congress after tonight?" Be sure to add your thoughts on this hot topic.

I'll be hitting the voting booth tonight after work on the way home. I sure hope I'm able to get in and out quickly, but I won't be the least bit upset if I have to wait to cast my vote.

Looking ahead to tomorrow in the weather department you'll will find a better day, but a slight chance to see another round of showers and a possible storm. The same upper level system has some cooler air transfered higher in the atmosphere. As the sun breaks out Wednesday the ground will warm causing air to rise in this cooled air above. As this warmer air rises is won't be slowed by the cooler parcels, so clouds with rain and with an isolated storm is not out of the question.

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