Monday, July 17, 2006

Ice Cream and A/C

Both of which are going to help you beat the heat for the next week. Tuesday and Wednesday should be the hottest days we'll feel this year. A great deal of sunshine will send the thermometer soaring to at least the upper 90's with some isolated spots touching 100. We'll have to factor in the humidity as well and that'll push the heat index to at least 103-106.

All of the hot weather is well above average for July, but Mother Nature is right on cue as the third week in July is typically the hottest period of time in the United States. What's setting this year apart is the huge area of the country that's having temps at-or-above 100. One example is Pierre, South Dakota when 117 was recorded on Saturday, July 15.

Some things to watch this week will be the record high temps and how close we come to breaking them... Here are the RDU records for the next three days.

Tuesday, July 18: 99 (1986)
Wednesday, July 19: 99 (1986)
Thuesday, July 20: 100 (1977)

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