Saturday, July 22, 2006

Will the Storms Develop?

After scattered strong thunderstorms across the News 14 Carolina on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, Friday was much quieter. As I write this blog post around 5pm Saturday, this have been quiet today so far... However, scattered thunderstorms could still develop across our region later this evening. The Storm Prediction Center ( still has most of North Carolina under a "slight risk" for severe weather this evening.

After mostly cloudy conditions for much of the day, skies have cleared some this afternoon. All that sunshine is heating things up and making the atmosphere over our area fairly unstable. Any storms that develop have the potential to become strong with gusty winds and frequent lightning.

You'll notice that slight risk covers a large area from New England to the Gulf Coast. This region is the area just ahead of a cold front slowly pushes its way toward the east. At this point, there are numerous strong to severe storms rumbling across South Carolina. Those are mainly moving to the east. Again, there is still some potential for storms to fire up here in North Carolina. We're keeping a close eye on Doppler radar, and we'll have updates every 10 minutes on News 14 Carolina.

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