Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tropical Update

All is fairly quiet in the tropics this Wednesday. Over the last several days, we had been watching a disturbance in the western Gulf of Mexico. That system has moved inland as you see from this satellite image taken Wednesday afternoon.

The disturbance never became a tropical system, and since it is now inland it will not become a tropical system. However, it is spreading heavy rains across portions of Texas and Louisiana. This system will move toward the Tennesse Valley over the next day or so. Eventually, some of the moisture associated with the system will work its way into North Carolina and that could enhance our chances for afternoon showers and storms by the weekend.

Elsewhere, there is not much happening in the tropics. That is likely to change in the coming weeks. Tropical activity typically begins to pick up in the Atlantic toward August and September. We'll keep you posted.

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